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Fall 2017 Small Ensemble Finale Concert Schedule

If your student cannot perform on the scheduled concert date, please email the CMC Admin Team ASAP!!!!


The below is IN concert order!

If you can not read the .jpeg above, here is the .pdf version

CMC Finale Concert Schedule for 11-17

Arrival and Schedule Information:

If you are playing in the 7:30pm concert please come dressed in your concert clothesStudents in the 5:30pm concert will have time to change.
Please view your arrival times below:
  • 4:00pm Arrival for ENSEMBLES in 5:30 Concert II
  • 4:00-5:15pm Warm-up reh/soundchecks for ENSEMBLES in 5:30 Concert II
  • 5:15pm Meeting with Debbie in Atrium
  •  Students who need to Change into concert clothes, please do so in-between your dress rehearsal or before 5:05. Go to assigned warmup room when directed after the meeting
  • 5:30pm Concert II Begins in Kilbourne Hall!
  • 6:30/45-7:00/15pm Reception for 5:30pm Concert II in the Atrium


  • 6:30pm Arrival for ENSEMBLES in 7:30 Concert III (please arrive quietly because the 5:30pm concert will be finishing in Kilbourne Hall — If your group wants to meet earlier, please contact the Admin Team) DON’T FORGET! – ARRIVE IN CONCERT CLOTHES!
  • 6:30-7:15pm Warm-up rehearsal/sound checks for ENSEMBLES in 7:15 Concert III
  • 7:15 – 7:25pm Meeting with Debbie in Thompson
  • Doors open for audience members
  • 7:30 Concert III Begins in Kilbourne Hall!
  • Immediately following the concert – Reception Concert III in the Atrium
Receptions on Friday, November 17:
We will conclude the fall session of CMC with the II & III Finale Concerts at 5:30 and 7:30. Each concert will be followed by a reception, and we ask that each family bring a food or beverage to share.
Please label your snack so we know which ones are for the 5:30 concert and which ones are for the 7:30 concert.  
We would like to round out the receptions with some savory foods, so if you could bring cheese and crackers or fruit or some other savory snack, that would be great. We also need drinks such as soda, punch, or water and cups to serve.
There’s no need to sign up to bring snacks. Just drop off your donation in the Atrium before the concert. We would like people to sign up to bring drinks and cups. If you can provide water, soda or lemonade, please sign up here!
We need parents to assist with the following activities:
Four volunteers to help with the reception for the 5:30 concert
Four volunteers to help with the reception for the 7:30 concert


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