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VIVO Music Festival Artists at CMC September 1!

at CMC on September 1, 4:30-6:00pm

Kilbourne Hall, St. John’s Episcopal Church

Participate in a side-by-side reading and panel discussion about a career in music.

Members of the VIVO Music Festival will be at CMC for a side-by-side reading of movements from Mendelssohn’s Op. 44 No. 2 String Quartet and Mozart’s Dissonance Quartet, then after that there will be a panel discussion about a career in music.

VIVO Artists who will join us on September 1:

If you are interested in participating in the side-by-side  (students and faculty welcomed) and discussion, please email the CMC Administrative Team Students, family, and faculty are also welcome to just come and watch!

Parts for the Mendelssohn Op. 44 No. 2 and Mozart Dissonance Quartets are attached to this email or you can download a part from IMSLP below, please print off a part and bring it with you, (we will have some extra copies onsite as well).

Mendelssohn Op. 44 No. 2, 1st and 2nd movements only:

Mozart Dissonance Quartet, 1st and 4th movements only:
All students and families are invited to Hot Chicken Takeover (North Market) for Beer and Beethoven at 7:00pm that evening of September 1. Barrel and Bottle will be carding and it will be a very family friendly event!

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