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About CMC

What is CMC?

  • CMC is open to all ages and levels of experience – no audition necessary.
  • CMC is a place where students learn leadership, responsibility, and cooperation through the art of chamber music in small ensembles and chamber orchestras.
  • CMC is where each individual player combines their musical ideas with others in a collaborative effort, strengthening teamwork and communication skills.
  • CMC is a place for musicians to grow both musically and personally.
  • CMC is a place where everyone has a voice.
  • CMC is a collaboration.
  • CMC is a place where people, music, and life connect.

History of Chamber Music Connection:
The Chamber Music Connection (CMC), located in Worthington, Ohio, provides an environment where student musicians of all ages and levels of experience can study and perform chamber music. CMC is a non-profit, performance-based, and equal opportunity educational program, Founder and Artistic Director Deborah Barrett Price—better known to students and faculty as Debbie—has maintained a policy of “no audition required” since starting the program in 1992. Students who apply to CMC are primarily string, piano, and woodwind players, but CMC accepts all types of instrumentalists and vocalists. Ensembles are formed based on age, previous experience, and their potential to learn from—and inspire—one another. Students must collaborate to achieve their musical goals.

CMC has experienced gradual growth over its more than twenty-year history. In 1992, the organization started with just twenty students who came together for a two-week summer festival. In 1998, CMC became a yearlong program, finding a home base at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Worthington, Ohio. Currently, CMC typically supports 20-30 chamber ensembles (about 100 students in groups ranging from trios to octets), 5-7 chamber orchestras, semi-annual opera scenes, a thriving gig program, a revolutionary high school fellowship program, a jazz/alternative music seminar, and the iSTEM (improvisation, Solfège, Theory, Eurhythmics, and Movement) project. Along with our educational programs, CMC presents over thirty concerts a year.

Debbie also believes in collaborative teaching. Our associated faculty of over forty professional musicians includes community pedagogues, members of local professional orchestras, as well as professors from prestigious universities and conservatories throughout the state of Ohio. Debbie rotates coaches, giving each group at least two different faculty members to work with each semester. Students also receive coaching from visiting guest artists, who are often high-profile musicians in town to perform. Receiving feedback from a team of coaches and guest artists gives CMC students the opportunity to learn multiple interpretations and enables each group’s unique creative process.

Connection: The Philosophy of CMC
The philosophy that led Debbie to create CMC is based on the idea that chamber music is an ideal artform for promoting personal as well as musical growth and development. “I wanted the educational focus to remain primarily rooted to the art of chamber music,” she writes. “I found that this is where students and the program benefit the most and that our passion for chamber music would translate into future generations and the current generation, engaging in an art form together. Crossing the boundaries of generation.”

Chamber music empowers students’ solo and orchestral playing, because they learn how to become supporters and leaders in a democratic society through the art of chamber music—and not to only follow the musical opinions of a conductor or teacher. This approach encourages our students to take the skills they have learned at CMC into their day-to-day lives. At CMC, music and people connect, hence the organization’s name: The Chamber Music Connection.

For more information about all the programs CMC offers please visit the ‘CMC Programs‘ Page.

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The Chamber Music Connection, Inc. is a recognized 501c3 not-for-profit organization. Your donations are greatly appreciated by our students, staff, and the CMC board. Funds raised help with scholarships, expand the experiences of our students and aid with ongoing operating expenses.

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