Crossover Programs

CMC also educates and inspires students and educators through multi-genre and pedagogy programs!

Crossover Programs

Join our iSTEM Connect program, or delve into chamber music pedagogy with a subscription to the Breathe Together, Move Together, Play Together video series.

CMC is continuing to educate, innovate, and inspire students with our groundbreaking, interactive crossover programs..

iSTEM Connect is chamber music study focusing on the foundations in our acronym iSTEM: improvisation, Small Ensembles, Theory, Entrepreneurship, & Movement.
Cover Tune Workshops will focus on how to create a cover tune, improvisation techniques, theory, composition, and movement.
Our workshops are led by CMC’s associated faculty members and guest artists/presenters.

Workshop Topics

Faculty includes members of the award winning KASA Quartet, electric-acoustic violinist David Wong, and special guests.


  • Cover tunes
  • Multi-genre improvisation: rock, pop, bluegrass, and jazz

Small Ensembles

  • Coachings
  • Chamber Music Pedagogy
  • Score and/or chord charts study


  • Intro to Theory
  • Advanced Theory
  • Eurhythmics/Dictation
  • Solfège


  • What is an entrepreneur?
  • College Night: The in’s & outs of choosing, applying, and auditioning for music schools/universities.
  • Time Management: Learn effective ways to use your limited time to your advantage
  • How to organize a resume/CV
  • How to write a successful bio
  • The ins and outs of audio/visual Apps
  • How to build a website


  • Chamber Music Pedagogy: Communicating in a small ensemble (trio, quartet, quintet, etc.)
  • Alexander Technique
  • Body Mapping
  • Feldenkrais
  • Yoga

``Breathe Together, Move Together, Play Together``

Pedagogy Project

``Breathe Together, Move Together, Play Together`` Video Series

Regarded internationally as an innovative pedagogue and leader in chamber music education, Deborah Barrett Price, Founder and Artistic Director of Chamber Music Connection (CMC), created the Breathe Together, Move Together, Play Together Pedagogy Project Video Series to provide educators, professionals, amateurs, and students with tried-and-true activities for successful participation in chamber music.

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8 Parts, 44 Videos, Total running Time 1h 45'

  • Bow Resonance Development
  • Ensemble Development
  • Intonation Development
  • Repertoire Development | Bach Chorale
  • Repertoire Development | Mozart K157
  • Repertoire Development | Arensky
  • Rhythm Development
  • Sound Development